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Hi there, my name is Samuel Olutola also known as Linko Jones. I'm all about productivity. I'm a passion-driven person with a love for digital design. I've been an artist all my life and picked up I.T. from school, then took it further to college. London, UK
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Australian Forest Sunset by Liam Neeson
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bernicexxxxxx Is that a koala in the tree?
Liam Neeson No silly. lool
At the skatepark by George Appleton
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Valets at work in French Hotel by Liam Neeson
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linkojones That is a nice Maserati!
Posing with pole by Harry Johnson
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jazz_logan What is she doing lool
Just an avergare street in London by Camilla Perosa
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thomasboland It's all about timing
View from the ground by Thomas Boland
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bernicexxxxxx Awesome shot of that place
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linkojones New beats!
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linkojones Listen to the new instrumental
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linkojones Exactly four days from now is when I came up with what was supposed to be the final SBG logo
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stefanthesideman That was sick, when did you do that?
linkojones I did it time ago.. that place is in Tooting