The sets are intended to help you get the templates, graphics, fonts etc... to suit your monthly usage. Select your set below - this lasts for one month and you can easily swap between sets at the end of the month if you require more or less treats.

Clapdigital plans and sets have been constructed for designers, developers and general users who want to take part in actually creating something but without all the hassle and costs of working with agencies with no fixed prices. By signing up to Clapdigital you can chose the monthly plan to to suit your usage and are free to also change your set each month.

  • 2x Templates - Digital - Web Design
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  • 2x Templates - Digital - Web Design
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    Data is very important if you are marketing anything on the web. Clapdigital understand the mass of data that is out there and how hard it is to make sense of it all. Fortunately there are lots of useful resources available some even free to use