Our Difference

We are a powerhouse when it comes to providing services

We have already thought about how you and your business run. Since all businesses are at difference stages in progression we have a suitable plan or option for you to pick.

• Since we are internally a design team we can provide one to one services that are tailored to your needs.
• Or you may decide that what you need is realy simple and you need it fast, in this instance you can buy one of our templates at a really low price.
• Or maybe you would like our ongoing support and refresh of services, then you should sign up to one of our plans.

Efficiency & Savings

Imagine getting new digital media every month for as low as £20
Imagine having instant access to a huge library of digital media
This is all possible with Clapdigital!

Comparison Table

Click on a plan to see the available sets
Pursuit Plan
Mission Plan
Conquest Plan
£20 / £240 per year
£40 / £480 per year
£90 / £1080 per year
Services - Bespoke
Services - Marketing
Services - Development
Services - Audio
Products - Fonts
Products - Themes
Products - Photos
Products - Icons
Products - Graphics
Templates - Digital
Templates - Stationery
Templates - Print
All our products, templates and services are available to everyone at a price, but with a plan it gives you entitlement to some of them

How it works

You give us a bit of your details and sign up to Clapdigital
Then you choose a Plans along with a Set of treats and make a checkout
We will send you an email with either a private link for you to download your treats or it will be directly atteched to the email
We will deliver your other treats and services for you


Steve WilsonManaging Director - SoFit App
“Clapdigital was awesome to work with. Honestly, I’ve been procrastinating about investing in the digital side of the business because I don’t feel their is much control. With Clapdigital I basically had full control over my website design up to the smallest detail, like the buttons for example! I’m so happy with this service.”

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Data is very important if you are marketing anything on the web. Clapdigital understand the mass of data that is out there and how hard it is to make sense of it all. Fortunately there are lots of useful resources available some even free to use